Transportation Budget Call to Action

The Joint Finance Committee is still working on the new Transportation Budget. We want to make sure that the new budget works for everyone!
Please contact the following state legislators and your own legislators. Be sure to include your address: we want them to know of the support of people all around the state. Please re-send your message regularly until the budget is finalized. Thanks.

Take action to create a transportation system that works for everyone in Wisconsin:

  • more money for Public Transit

  • more money for Specialty Transit for seniors and people with disabilities

  • more money for local roads

  • fund these important priorities by scaling back the huge highway projects that are not necessary

  • resist any attempts to remove public transit from the Transportation Fund.

Key Transportation Legislators:
Joint Committee on Finance
Sen. Alberta Darling____________________Co-Chair: (608) 266–5830
Rep. John Nygren______________________Co-Chair: (608) 266–2343
Rep. Dale Kooyenga___________________Vice-Chair: (608) 266–9180
Sen. Luther S. Olsen___________________Vice-Chair: (608) 266–0751
Sen. Leah Vukmir_______________________Member: (414) 453–0024
Joe Malkasian____________________________Clerk:

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