Trump Ignorance of Islam is Dangerous for the World

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

March 14, 2016

Donald Trump’s rise to power in America to become the Republican presidential nominee should worry governments around the world.

A Reuters’ article pointed out that foreign diplomats in Washington have shown serious concern over Trump’s foul mouth, ignorant rants and vitriolic language about Muslims and Islam.

The greatest example of Trump’s ignorance is his constant attacks against Islam. Trump speaks of Islam as if Islam is a country and Muslims are a race.

Trump considers Muslim immigrants to be intruders operating to undermine America. He projects to the poorly educated American that the country of Islam is attempting to control the American people.

Obviously his ignorance further polarizes America against Muslims as he fuels hatred against Muslims by stating that “Islam hates America,” once again injecting into the minds of poorly educated Americans the idea that Muslims come from a country called Islam.

What Trump fails to understand is that Muslim terrorists have incorrect assumptions about the religion of Islam. Instead, Trump thinks that Muslim terrorists are acting in the political interest of a nation called Islam.

Trump’s demagoguery detracts, blurs, and puts negative spin in the minds of America’s poorly educated class, which he caters to, by claiming that Muslim radicalism and terrorism are supported by a nation called Islam. The poorly educated in turn respond by thinking that they are about to go to war with a country called Islam and that Muslims come from that country.

Trump speeches do nothing but polarize people against each other, and secure hatred against Muslims.

Let’s be clear. Islam is a religion, not a country. Muslims are believers of Islam, much like Christians are believers of Christianity. There is no country called Christianity, like there is no nation called Islam. These are religions.

As for Trump, the trumpery Trump era has begun and America will be all the more ignorant because of it.

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