UPDATE: Will Walker Raise the Wage?

We’re still waiting to hear from Governor Walker about the 100 minimum wage complaints that we left at his office on September 24th. Once the complaints were filed, the Governor was given 20 days to respond, yet his office remains silent.

Join us at the State Capitol in Madison on Tuesday, October 14th at 5 pm for a mass rally to demand a living wage, or a Governor who will give us one.

October 14th is the final day of Walker’s 20-day response window. Activists and allies who are demanding a living wage in Wisconsin are joining us on the Capitol steps to let Governor Walker know that Wisconsin needs a raise…and if Walker won’t raise the minimum wage to a living wage, we’re going to elect a Governor who will.

Will you join us? RSVP today: bit.ly/LWoct14

Raise Wisconsin

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