US Pres. Cozies Up to Dictators: Resist Authoritarian Rule with WISDOM

This is a big week for WISDOM and our EXPO members!

  • 20 Wisconsin EXPO members are currently in the Gamaliel National Weeklong Training
  • Tomorrow is the kick-off of EXPO’s #CloseMSDF Campaign
  • EXPO’s first Banquet is on Friday
  • Several EXPO leaders gave presentations in a variety of venues

You can follow the excitement through the following links. Also featured here are EXPO leaders in educational presentations. EXPO proves the WISDOM principle that those who are closest to a problem are best able to solve a problem!

#CloseMSDF Launch Event Facebook Page
EXPO (Ex Prisoners Organizing) Panel Discussion on MSDF

EXPO of Wisconsin Banquet Website

Kathleen Dunn Show
Once Prisoners, Now Justice Reform Advocates

MSDF Promo Video
MSDF Cruel and Unusual PROMO

Thanks for your support!

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