Unhinged, Unable to Rein in Temerity

By David P. Cohn, Esq.

Practicing attorney David P. Cohn was 19 entering the service in 1967. He left as a Sergeant in the ¾ Cav, 25th Infantry Division, “Tropic Lightning”, MACV, Military Assistance Command Vietnam. David is a decorated, disabled combat veteran noting “The 1968 Tet Offensive was my crucible; 4–5 Purple Hearts became my badge of courage.”

And what are we to do?  60s generationals, hear this call:  time to go back to “our” roots of organizing, moving\massing for civil rights, fixing the torn social fabric and a return to civility while doing the business of the country “of the people, by the people and for the people,” not the elite. And, again: challenging the forces of evil [the Force is strong within “us”], speaking loudly, but with sharp tools and the great weight of the evidence — Move toward change, hoist Trump on his own petard, of what he ran against: corruption, cronyism and self-interest…draining the swamp, replacing it with snakes is not making Amerika great again.

A man “of the people,” who lives in a building bearing his own name, literally in a tower and actually gilded – the metaphor and joke is too easy and yet oh so very sad.  What were “they” thinking [who elected Trump]?  Gives me more reason to return to a scholar’s remark about Trump almost a year ago, which Trump has proven to be spot-on:

“Trump is the living embodiment of the main character in the film American Psycho - a symbol of corporate domination on steroids, an out of control authoritarian parading and performing unknowingly as a clown and as a symbol of unchecked narcissism and a bearer of a suffocating culture of fear. He is the symbol of a failed sociality and a declining social order.” 
-- Henry Giroux.

Henry Giroux is an American and Canadian scholar and cultural critic. Giroux is a prolific author and has been publishing his books in every decade since the 1980s. Education: Carnegie Mellon University; 1977 he received his doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His previous academic roles include Professor of Education at Boston University (1997–1983), Professor of Education and scholar in residence at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (1983–1992), and Distinguished Professor at the College of Education, Penn State University (1992- 2004). Currently, he is the Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where his current wife and writing partner, Dr. Susan Searls Giroux, is the Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies (Giroux, n.d.; Morales, et al, 2006).

Over the span of his career Giroux has authored, coauthored, edited, and co-edited more than 40 volumes, at least 280 scholarly popular press articles, 154 contributions to edited collections, and made numerous public speaking engagements.

…I was given to a thought while working out last week, listening to Exxon exec Rex Tillerson testify on his nomination to be Sec of State and a cartoon came to mind, of a wolf with feathers surrounding his mouth saying, “I see no problem with me guarding the hen house…”  It was the same day I watched the first press conference. It was embarrassing to watch that conference. Hillary was right, he does not have the temperament to be president… but he is “our” president – think of that to motivate, he represents you.

Trump can’t even get through a press conference without getting unhinged and abusive.

Message to Trump regarding press conferences: 

1. that’s the wrong crowd to be unhinged and abusive;
2. they’re not running for election;
3. you don’t score poll points with name-calling and monumentally boorish behavior, and most of all,
4. they [the press]
a. take notes,
b. have a bully pulpit just like you,
c. with the exception that their attention span is longer than 140 characters,
d. and they can run tape on your last broken promise, denial or stupid remark.

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