Update on 2017 BHD Budget

Mental Health Task Force Update

At our July Mental Health Task Force meeting we provided an update on the 2017 Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division budget and wanted to share it with the email list as well.

The Milwaukee County Mental Health Board approved the 2017 BHD budget at their June 23rd meeting. It was very gratifying to see that many of the items identified as priorities by the Task Force were included in the budget. These included creation of additional CART teams, adding 24/7 coverage to the Southside Crisis Resource Center and adding Certified Peer Specialists to the third shift at both CRCs, adding AODA residential beds, enhancing Opioid Epidemic Strategies, partnering with Housing Division on the Initiative to end Chronic Homelessness, and additional funding for Wraparound to serve additional youth. Mental Health Board members also had an opportunity to advance recommendations to the Finance Committee. Mental Health Task Force Co-chair and Mental Health Board member Mary Neubauer, worked collaboratively with other Board members to advance four recommendations which were considered by the Finance Committee. We want to thank the Finance committee members and staff for considering these recommendations and for taking some action to respond to each recommendation including increasing support for Warmline, additional support for CART teams, offering an alternative option to provide policy and research support for the Board, and a commitment from BHD staff to prioritize review of rates for AODA residential services. advanced several recommendations

Here is a link to a press release from Milwaukee County regarding the 2017 County Budget: http://county.milwaukee.gov/ImageLibrary/Groups/cntyHHS/BHD/Mental-Health-Board/MentalHealthBoardApproves2017BudgetwithSignificantPublicInput.pdf

The BHD budget now moves forward to the County Executive for approval.

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