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Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will keep the Senate in session the first two weeks of August to finish work on health care reform and other items, This is a good reminder that it is still timely to contact your US Senators to share your views on the Senate health care bill.

Here is some recent coverage:

Disability Rights Wisconsin hosted a roundtable on Friday with US Senator Tammy Baldwin and some constituents with disabilities and family members. Mental Health Task Force Co-chair Mary Neubauer participated, and I facilitated.

Tammy Baldwin says Mitch McConnell opens door to bipartisan work on health care

Senate GOP effort to shield disabled from Medicaid changes would leave many kids on the outside




CNBC: Senate’s Proposed Medicaid Cuts Could Make Long-Term-Care Unaffordable
If you’re heading toward retirement and assume proposed cuts to Medicaid in the Senate’s Obamacare replacement bill could never affect you, think again. The Better Care Reconciliation Act includes a $772 billion reduction in Medicaid funding through 2026, and a recent Kaiser Family Foundation report found that 62 percent of all nursing- home residents use Medicaid to pay for it. The study also found that a third of people turning 65 will need nursing-home care at some point.

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