Use Power go Raise Wages *Now*

by Jennifer Epps-Addison, Executive Director: Wisconsin Jobs Now

Even after hours of powerful testimony from workers, policy and economics experts, religious leaders, and constituents, on Monday the Finance Committee was swayed by false and misleading testimony from representatives from big business and developers. They voted to delay a vote referring the living wage ordinance to the Milwaukee County Board.

Their decision means that we have more work to do and that we must keep pressing to make this ordinance a top priority for our elected representatives. Workers can’t wait. Milwaukee County can’t wait. Right now, we have the power to put $38 million in the pockets of thousands of working families who will spend it right here and boost our economy.

Email the members of the Finance Committee:

Tell them to hold a special session in January and send the living wage ordinance to the entire County Board for a vote.

Tell them we won’t stand for more delays. Keep the pressure on them to raise wages and lift up our economy to make the New Year bright for all of us.

Thanks for your support

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