BREAKING: Voting rights loss at SCOTUS

The Supreme Court just rubber-stamped Ohio’s voter suppression tactics in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute. The decision gives Ohio the power to target voters who miss just one election cycle for removal from the rolls. This is despite the National Voter Registration Act’s express prohibition on purging voters just because they don’t vote. I’m furious, but I’m more driven than ever to defend our most fundamental right.

This decision is a gutting reminder that the Trump administration is determined to turn back the clock on our voting rights. For decades, the Justice Department maintained this type of voter purge was illegal, but under the Trump administration and Attorney General Sessions, the department switched sides and supported Ohio’s unnecessary restrictions on the right to vote.

In the face of roadblocks to the polls, we must exercise our right to vote now more than ever. We must vote for leaders who will make voting easier – not harder. We must vote like our rights depend on it. Pledge now to be an ACLU Voter this election cycle.

Under Ohio’s “Supplemental Process,” if you miss just one election cycle, you risk losing your voter registration. The state wrongly assumes that voters who don’t cast a ballot in two years have changed addresses, invalidating their current registrations. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans have been stripped of their right to vote, and many only find out when they arrive at the voting booth. And like every barrier to voting, people of color and those with low incomes are disenfranchised the most.

Let’s be clear: Our right to vote isn’t ‘use it or lose it’ – and this decision doesn’t give states a green light to kick eligible voters off the roll without notice.

We must do everything we can to defend our most fundamental right – by showing up to vote this fall. Our democracy is strongest when every voice can be heard, when every eligible citizen can cast a ballot and have it counted. Pledge to be an ACLU Voter so that we can continue to exercise this fundamental right and make voting accessible for all.

Thanks for defending our democracy

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