By Eugene Barufkin, Wisconsin Institute For Progressive Politics

Fans cheering for Catholic basketball team shout, ‘You killed Jesus’ to opposing Jewish players.

BIG Question: Where did the Catholic kids learn this stuff?

1 - At home?

2 - In the streets?

3 - Go back to #1.

Too many people think that most bigotry is in the south.

Well think again.

Where is bigotry learned?

1 - At home?

2 - In the streets?

3 - Go back to #1.

Human beings are not born bigoted.

Like religion, bigotry is learned at home.

Everyone is born without religion.

Everyone is born with huge capabilities to love and extend love.

We live in a very bigoted selfish country, with learned hypocrisy, greed and jealousy. These are not inborn human traits. They are all learned at home.

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