WISDOM is making a difference!

1) WISDOM held a very successful Forum on Revocations in Madison on January 17. More than 150 WISDOM members over-filled the hall at Grace Episcopal Church, along with eight candidates for Governor and one candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

About 3,000 people are sent to prison each year for Crimeless Revocations, not because they have been convicted of a new crime, but for failure to comply with a rule of supervision. At the Forum, we heard from faith leaders. We heard from experts in public health and sociology. And we heard from the people who have been the victims of the senseless and outdated practice of Crimeless Revocation.

Then, we heard from those who wish to be Governor of Wisconsin. All of them agreed with WISDOM’s position that Wisconsin’s policy and promised serious changes to the system if elected. To read more about the event, click HERE.

2) I also want to remind you to be certain you have added your name to the End Child Poverty Campaign. Already, more than 1,000 Wisconsinites have signed the three-part goal, calling on our state to:

  • Reduce Child Poverty in Wisconsin by half in the next 10 years;
  • Reduce racial disparities in Child Poverty by half in 10 years;
  • Establish a mechanism to do an annual assessment of our progress in reducing Child Poverty.

The End Child Poverty Campaign is something we are doing together with our friends from the Wisconsin Council of Churches, Kids First, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin. It is our belief that before decision-makers will get really serious about poverty, we need as a state to at least agree that it is a priority. Before we start to challenge those in charge, we want to be able to show that there are 10,000 Wisconsinites who want this done.

It is very easy to add your name: just click HERE. And, please ask your friends to do the same.

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