WISDOM Stands in Solidarity with Waupun Protesters

WISDOM stands in solidarity with those who are refusing to accept food as an act of protest against the conditions of Solitary Confinement in the Waupun Correctional Institution, and throughout Wisconsin.

Inmates in Waupun will start a Humanitarian Food Refusal Campaign on June 10, demanding more humane treatment. Solitary confinement or ‘Administrative segregation’ has been abused: some inmates have been in this type of isolation for years. More than 14 days is considered torture. Click here to download details on solidarity rallies to be held in Madison on June 10 and in Milwaukee on June 11.

As a network including more than 150 congregations of many faiths, along with hundreds of individual leaders, members and supporters, it saddens us that these, our brothers in the human family, have concluded that the only tool available to express their deep concerns is to deny nourishment for their own bodies. In their isolation, they are undertaking this extreme measure in an attempt to gain some recognition of their human dignity, and that of their fellow prisoners. We pray for their physical and psychological health as they take this action.
The decision to take this action comes from the prisoners themselves. One of the core principles of WISDOM is that every person has the right to be heard, especially regarding policies that most affect them.

Click here to download WISDOM’s Statement, the Prisoners’ calls and the commitments of the WISDOM Network. Click here for a list of things YOU can do to help.

You can read statements from the Prisoners who are leading the campaign: Uhuru’s testimony and Cesar’s testimony.

For more information about the Campaign, please call SOPHIA/WISDOM organizer Bernie Gonzalez at 262–443–7831.

WISDOM strives to be a vehicle by which those who are marginalized and ignored can have a chance to be heard. This is a moment to live that out.

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