WISGOP Announces African American Engagement Advisory Council

Builds on efforts to build relationships within local communities

[Madison, Wis.] – Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin announced its African American Engagement Advisory Council. The Council is part of a comprehensive, statewide initiative to continue building support in the African American community and to spread the word of the positive reforms in Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker. The effort is being done in partnership with the Republican National Committee.

“In addition to the unprecedented investment by the Republican Party of Wisconsin to build support in communities like never before, the Advisory Council will help guide our efforts and spread our positive message across Wisconsin,” said Gerard Randall, Chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s African American Council. “Together, we’ll continue having conversations and building support within our local communities as we move Wisconsin forward under Governor Scott Walker.”

The African American Engagement Council is tasked with steering the Republican Party’s outreach efforts to work on the most effective ways to cultivate and grow support across all communities. This council will convene regular meetings with its members in order to continue the Party’s efforts to build meaningful relationships and facilitate discussions on real issues facing this state, while engaging the African American community.

Members of the Advisory Council include:

Rick Baas - Serving in numerous leadership positions that have helped to help grow the Republican Party, Mr. Baas focuses on advancing the needs of our community on the local level.

Julian Bradley – Mr. Bradley has worked to redefine and break stereotypes of the Republican Party through his work across the state, and he is the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s endorsed candidate for Secretary of State.

James Carter – Through the school he operates with his wife, Mr. Carter helps provide upward mobility to members of the community through education and the application of a Christian-centered life of success.

Hattie Daniels-Rush – Currently working with people of all ages through her work with Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ, Ms. Daniels-Rush previously served on the Commission on Presidential Scholars under President George W. Bush, and later served as a Specialist for President Obama in the Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives.

Richard Frazier – With a long record of dedicating his time and skills to various Republican grassroots efforts, Mr. Frazier will bring practical experience and knowledge from his work in the private sector.

Dr. Keenan Grenell – Founder of the African-American Entrepreneurship Summit, Inc. and a Global Fellow at the Institute of Innovation, Creativity, and Capital at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Grenell has served a lifetime commitment to advancing entrepreneurship and diverse issues in higher education.

Dr. Kenneth Harris – Using his faith and dedication to help our younger generation through his work as an educator, Dr. Harris also provides a public sector and law enforcement perspective to the issues facing our community, and the impact needed to make a difference.

Corey Hoze – A leader in Milwaukee’s business community, Mr. Hoze has a long history of assisting members of our community at the state and federal levels through various capacities in both the public and private sector.

Tony Ingram – Serving as a local youth instructor, Mr. Ingram’s is dedicated to advancing education opportunities to all, and provides leadership to our community through his work with youth development and other service-oriented organizations.

Ngozie Omegbu – Ms. Omegbu brings extensive experience within Wisconsin’s business community and economic development in Wisconsin, and understands the important role entrepreneurs play in moving our state forward.

Virginia Pratt – Ms. Pratt is a committed member of the Milwaukee community who brings a breadth of experience from both the private and public sector. A former candidate for elected office, she also has great passion for making our community better by giving her time to different causes.

Gerard Randall – Serving as the Chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s African American Council, Mr. Randall has actively served his community for many years while advocating for educational issues and economic development initiatives.

Brother Bob Smith – Former President of Messmer Catholic Schools, Brother Bob Smith is a pivotal leader in the school choice community where he is widely known as a successful educator and spiritual role model for our younger generation.

Read the release online here: http://www.wisgop.org/2014/07/wisgop-announces-african-american-engagement-advisory-council/

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