Walker and GOP Against Minimum Wage, While Walker’s Puppeteers Run Shady Switzerland Bank

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

April 7, 2016

The sleazy secret world of tax evasion by the world’s super robber barons is now front page headlines in almost every major newspaper around the globe, after an explosive media leak called the “Panama Papers” hit the world media networks. (1)

More than 11 million documents from the secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca were leaked to an international consortium of investigative journalists.

More than 140 world leaders, public officials, and major celebrities have been implicated, with more names coming forth.

The documents expose 30 years of how the world’s elite use fake corporations called “shell companies” to launder money, evade sanctions, hide wealth, and dodge taxes. (2)

Governor Scott Walker’s political bosses, the Koch Brothers, have been implicated in these kinds of shady dealings in the past.

The Koch Brothers were exposed in 2014 AS operating shell companies in Switzerland, moving around hundreds of millions of dollars under the radar of the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Koch Brothers of course have not been fingered for any wrong doing yet.

The Guardian sent an investigative reporter to Switzerland in order to find out more about the Koch Brothers businesses in Switzerland What they found was a maze of corporate flim - flam. (Click on link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pl-QOwJ7JA&app=desktop)

Meanwhile, the prime minister of Iceland has resigned after the just released documents revealed that he had an undisclosed stake in banks that were bailed out by his government. (3)

Here in Wisconsin, as the magnitude of global shadowy business dealings becomes known, one must ask: will Governor Walker distance himself and the GOP from the Koch Brothers?

Tax evasion of this magnitude is tantamount to treason.

Will the Wisconsin GOP and Scott Walker call on the Koch Brothers to be transparent about their overseas financial activities?

Will Governor Walker publicly call on the Koch Brothers to show their patriotism by providing proof to the public that they have not been evading taxes?

Walker and the Republican Party have fought hard to stop minimum wage increases in Wisconsin. Will Walker and the Republicans fight just as hard to get the Koch Brothers to prove they’ve not been party to evading paying their taxes?

The Panama Papers have already sparked press coverage and popular protests around the world. But here in Wisconsin, coverage has been muted.

The Panama Papers could be one of the biggest political stories of the year. This is a crucial moment to crack down on tax evasion and nefarious schemes made possible by U.S. corporate secrecy.

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