Walker plans to replace Commerce Department with public-private partnership: “Be Bold” will Suck for Black Business Leadership!

By Ruben Hopkins
The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce

As if we need more of that! Where are the African American’s who where in Governor-Elect Walker’s camp on this plan? After reading the “Be Bold” 20-page document, http://www.wiroundtable.org/summit/Resources/BE_BOLD_FINAL_Dec1_2010.pdf, I have come to one conclusion: Blacks are invisible to Whites, except when it comes to being consumers. Not once in the document did it mention the Central City in Milwaukee. The words Black or African American are nowhere in the report. The word minority is also not present…. Wait. There is more not there. How about something related to low income individuals? Nothing! The word poverty is there! Three times! Of course it relates to less spending on poverty programs, which I actually agree with.

When you look at the list of business leaders and the array of interest groups that signed on to this document, you won’t find one group or person of color who has signed on to this “Be Bold” plan.

Walker and the White Business Prosperity Strategy

This plan should actually be called “Be Bold - The Wisconsin White Business Prosperity Strategy.” If this is the plan Walker plans to follow, then once again, decisions are being made with no input from the Black Business community.

I am one who agrees that government is too big and that too much is spent on social services and that more focus must be put on economic development. We hope that Governor-Elect Walker also reviews the Build Milwaukee Plan being put forward by Ed McDonald at UW-Extension. Now that is being BOLD!

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