Update: Walker reverses course on pre-ex!

Friends, I just wanted to send a quick email from my phone. In case you hadn’t heard yet, Governor Walker is now reversing course from when he said Wisconsin would consider applying for a waiver to allow health insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions! Great news!

I commend everyone who called his office, emailed, signed our petition and those showed up at one of the five rallies we had last week in Eau Claire, Wausau, Appleton, Racine and Milwaukee to protest pre-existing condition discrimination. But here’s the thing, I don’t know about you but I don’t believe him. I and the over a million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions will only feel safe when it is written in state law (and protected at the national level) that insurance companies can never discriminate against you because of your health history!

So please, if you haven’t added your name to our petition calling for permanent protections for people pre-existing conditions, please do. We are calling on the State to put in Wisconsin law an outlaw to this discrimination! And if you have already added your name, please consider copying and pasting this link into Facebook or Twitter, etc


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Ok, one more thing you can do right now. This is not the only way Gov Walker has threatened to sabotage healthcare. He is right now proposing to sabotage BadgerCare by drug testing recipients, increasing monthly premiums and co-pays for those under the poverty line AND kicking people off after a certain period of time, leaving them with basically NOWHERE to go! If you think this is bad news, you’re not alone. Wisconsin is accepting public comments RIGHT NOW and I think you should tell them how you feel. They are required to address EVERY issue we raise, so submit now!


Thanks for your actions to protect our health!

Kevin Kane
Organizing Director
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

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