Walker seeking third term is no joke: to Walker, that is

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 6, 2016

Walker’s hinting at campaigning for a third term as Wisconsin governor apparently is no joke to him.

However, there are Republicans who seem to be aghast at the idea that this governor, who has led Wisconsin for two terms, is looking to continue leading our state into the basement.

But one has to wonder if what motivates Walker to run for a third term is more about hustling for the money he still needs to pay his huge failed presidential campaign bid, instead of looking to repair the destructive policies he’s enacted that have taken Wisconsin from being an enlightened state to one flirting with mimicking the Dark Ages.

Walker’s policies have ruined Wisconsin’s economy, and the corruption exposed at his corporate welfare department, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC),has caused Wisconsinites to seek remedies to save their jobs by moving to make their regions attractive for business on their own.

There are many pundits on both sides of the political spectrum who believe that Walker could not possibly get the Republican nomination to run again, but those pundits would be wrong.

McCarthyite networks of Waukesha

If Walker decides to run for a third term, why does he feel he can? It’s simple. The McCarthyite networks of Waukesha continue to be the strongest influence in the Wisconsin Republican Party. These Walker-zealots in Waukesha will seal Walker’s third run by moving the GOP towards nominating him.

Walker’s chance of getting the Republican nomination to run for a third term could happen with the help of his Waukesha-based power vote, which could in turn enable him to pay off his debts in the next gubernatorial campaign season.

But there are options for the GOP to avoid having to nominate Walker. One option is for a moderate GOP candidate to rise and muster the support of all other GOP parties outside of Waukesha. A second option would be to do as columnist Bill Kaplan, writing on WisOpinion.com points out, creating a “fusion” candidacy for the 2018 Wisconsin gubernatorial election. Wisconsin is not a “fusion” voting state, but the concept is worth looking into. Kaplan suggested that former Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz and Democratic state Sen. Jennifer Shilling join forces as the gubernatorial ticket in 2018.

Walker’s chances of winning a third term as governor could also be hampered however if the corporate neo-liberal Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele were to run against Walker.

Abele’s victory in the coming election for Milwaukee County Executive is just a formality to prove to the northern red regions of the state that he’s no liberal Milwaukee establishment insider.

Still, there are those who say that Walker on the other hand isn’t really looking to win another term as governor, although I’m sure he would like to if nominated. Walker is primarily interested in collecting money in order to get rid of his presidential campaign debt. Money that would surely come from the national level that will be paying a premium to keep a Republican governor in Wisconsin.

Welcome to the times of Trump and Cruz. In these times, reason is but an excuse and logic is but a joke.

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