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Walker State Address: From Unintimidated to Unprepared

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 21, 2016

Governor Scott Walker gave his State of the State address recently. His presentation was lackluster at best and a feeble, desperate attempt to again deceive moderate Republicans, independents, and Democrats at worst.

Once again, he tried to appear proactive to stave off an increasingly agitated Republican base and a disgruntled business community in order to lure them into helping to pay off his $1 million plus debt, by giving half measure proposals to stop Wisconsin’s continued slide into last place in the nation’s economic standings.

Indeed, every proposal Walker presented was a half-digested idea that had been available to him as governor since the first day he took office in 2011. But instead of implementing those proposals, he chose not to because he decided that attacking Wisconsinites by weakening unions, cutting education funding, gutting our government’s transparency and the coup de grâce, taking a few months off as full-time governor in order to run a failed presidential campaign, hoping to be the Koch brothers puppet in the White House.

Now, he wants to advance old ideas by making them look like he just invented them so that he can look like he is a champion of the people. Don’t believe that. He cannot change what he did to Wisconsin.

If Walker really cared about Wisconsin, he would implement State Rep. Peter Barca’s proposals on student loan debt, minimum wage, etc. If Walker really cared, he would have never cut funding to the tech school system in 2012, which effectively hindered Wisconsin’s ability to produce qualified technicians that are needed now.

Five years later, Walker says he sees the light—Hallelujah! The truth is that Walker in 2011 did not consult with the specialists before attacking education funding. Now he wants people to think he cares.

If Walker really cared, he would have stayed focused on creating 250,000 jobs and he would not have implemented Act 10. But gaining fame and national recognition was more important to him.

Walker now talks about the idea of high schools working with tech schools, an idea that has been floated in his administration since 2011, but it was Walker who led the charge to cut the funding for education and tech schools. Now, after manufacturing the problem Wisconsin is facing, Walker wants to appear as the savior by proposing half measures in education funding.

Republicans across the nation saw Walker for what he is and they repudiated him strongly. We need to do the same here in Wisconsin.

Walker’s ambitious political hack campaign to get to the White House by slashing and burning Wisconsin has been exposed. It is time to replace him with a governor who is knowledgeable and full of fight for Wisconsin.

Walker’s spin transparent hogwash

If you believe Walker has had a change of heart, you are being naive. Just like mentioning building a wall along the Canadian border, Walker will say anything to stay afloat for the gubernatorial run. Walker will say anything to get the money he needs to pay the $1 million plus debt he now must deal with.

Sources inside the governor’s office and GOP say Walker has been told he must make it look like he cares. That is why he said ‘this is personal to me” in his speech. He has also been told he had lost the moderate Republicans, independents and blue Democrats who voted for him. So he wants to appear more moderate, because he thinks that people forget easily what he has done to them.

But make no mistake, this is the same Walker that said “Right to Work” was a distraction yet signed off on it. He is the same Walker who said he would be focused on creating 250,000 jobs only to change his entire economic agenda to attack the unions while allowing corruption and dirty politics at Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

If education is that important to Walker today, he should have funded education a couple years before this speech, period.

His idea that his cuts back then would have produced savings that may or may not come was a spin job. Now that there is no savings, Walker will blame a Secretary for the failure while saying it could have been done. That’s Walker for you.

So, dismiss Walker’s ideas as hogwash. It’s time to get ready to elect a knowledgeable centrist governor who actually knows what he or she is doing to help the people of Wisconsin.

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