Walker Stumbles Badly

We review a bad week for Scott Walker, including: Walker stumbling badly in a TV interview trying to explain away insurance industry’s influence on his BadgerCare Decision; Walker saying he doesn’t believe the minimum wage “serves a purpose”; and a tied Marquette poll. We also discuss last week’s Supreme Court decision to block voter ID, Judge Randa’s latest disastrous decision on campaign coordination, and new revelations that Wisconsin taxpayers have paid millions to private schools that were later barred from the state’s voucher system.

VIDEO of Scott Walker stumbling in addressing allegations he rejected Medicaid expansion to benefit insurers.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Release on Walker’s failed Explanation of Insurance Industry Influence on BadgerCare Decision.

Scott Walker says he doesn’t believe minimum wage “serves a purpose”

Candidate forum: Senate contenders add to minimum wage debate

J.B. Van Hollen won’t clarify statement on voter ID; appeals court judges thrash law.

U.S. Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin voter ID law

GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s new opinion is so amazing

Wisconsin paid millions to failed voucher schools

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