Walker’s Cup Overflows with Failure

By Robert Miranda, Editor, Wisconsin Spanish Journal

November 8, 2015

On November 6, Walker started asking for donations to pay his debt for his failed presidential campaign. Will the Republican base and Wisconsinites dish out money from their pockets to help Walker get out of debt?

But before the GOP base starts to dig in their pockets to fill Walker’s panhandling efforts, consider the other failures Walker has cost Wisconsin. The Republican base and all Wisconsinites should consider the following facts before considering bailing out Walker.

If you bailout Walker:

You support the corruption that Walker has allowed to occur at the Wisconsin Economic Development Agency (WEDC) which has, since 2011, granted $140,000 million dollars to Walker donors in fraudulent loans and tax credits. No jobs were created;Wisconsin’s job ranking fell to 40th in the first fours year of Walker administration. You can only imagine what corruption we may not know about that Walker is seeking by continuously trying to block open records laws to prevent the public from knowing.

If you bailout Walker:

You support the attack on open records law that Walker, Fitzgerald, and Voss spearheaded and which – thanks partly to our collective outcry- was curtailed. However, Walker has continued to weaken open records law to shield himself from having to explain to the public what is being done with taxpayer money.

If you bailout Walker:

You support Wisconsin job ranking creation falling from 20th in December 2010 to 40th in December 2014. When using the unemployment rate as good news, Walker conveniently fails to mention the definition of Unemployment Rate, which does not count people who have dropped from the labor market, etc.

Walker Recently Fails Wisconsin Again

The reality about the Oscar Mayer plant closing is that Walker should have called Kraft and Heinz leadership the moment the merger was executed several months ago. Right now, it is too little too late. 

What was Walker doing? Well, he was debating building a wall on the border between US and Canada or changing positions on issues so many times he did not know whether he was coming or going. Clearly, he was attempting to be the Koch Brothers and Mike Grebe’s servant in the oval office.

Walker’s failure to fulfill the promise of 250,000 jobs to the Republican base as well as all Wisconsinites, and his failure to protect the public’s money from waste and abuse is cause and reason enough to demand that he resign. 

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