Walker’s Lincoln Hills Scandal

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

April 20, 2016

The recent dismissal of former corrections secretary Ed Wall from his new position at the Wisconsin Department of Justice has provided some interesting insights into the shadowy and shady world of the Walker administration.


Wall exposes for us the fact that Walker’s administration instructs its secretaries to work on matters of state in a secret fashion: limit all documentation by NOT putting things in writing through public mail or email etc — as evident by this statement Wall wrote in a letter to Walker Chief of Staff Rich Zipperer:

“I know that you didn’t want me sending this electronically or to the office because of the (open) records issue, so I elected instead to send it to your home in writing and would ask that you feel free to shred it once you’ve looked it over,” Wall wrote to Zipperer. “Nobody will know that I sent it and this is strictly between you and me. I understand the concern the administration has over creating records, Rich, but I can’t let that harm me or my family worse than we’ve already been harmed.”

For some excerpts from that letter: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/former-corrections-secretary-fired-from-new-state-job-b99707693z1-375887231.html

It’s interesting that Walker’s Chief of Staff would instruct Wall not to email items like this, but then turn around and report Wall for sending that letter to Zipperer. Did Wall get set up? Why tell Wall not to send information electronically, then turn around and throw Wall under the bus for sending the information to his home via mail? Wall is no innocent spring chicken here. It seems he was trying to leverage something for himself.

Still, no matter what comes from Wall’s firing and actions, the effort by the Walker administration to act has if Walker did not know what his secretaries are doing is pathetic.

Isolating Walker from responsibility for not taking action regarding Lincoln Hills is the political play his team is trying to achieve.

However, Walker can’t play that game because it is his responsibility to direct his secretaries to report to him all matters that are serious and that have escalated and will affect the state adversely. Did Walker not give that directive to his secretaries?

Walker’s “I did not know” defense is a sham. It’s Walker’s responsibility to know. Walker just wants deniability. If Walker did not direct his secretaries to report all matters of great importance to him, then Walker is incompetent or setting up his secretaries to be scapegoats for his negligence.

Wall is guilty, like Reed Hall (WEDC), of inaction.

Walker’s efforts to move public attention away from his own inaction works only for his base. The rest of us can see what he’s attempting to do with Wall.

Walker should be criminally liable (or civil) for not being alerted—if that is what he is implying about the tragedy at Lincoln Hills. The idea of trying to make Wall the scapegoat is working only for the Walker sheep.

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