Walker’s Workforce Epiphany

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 9, 2016

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making it clear that he will move to get the nomination of his party to seek a third term when reelection time comes around.

During a recent interview, the governor seemed to have experienced an epiphany in which he realized that workforce development goes hand in hand with economic development and are equally key to Wisconsin’s economy. Why is Walker all of a sudden trying to reverse course?

If he truly understands how important it is for workforce and economic development to go hand in hand, why did Walker allow dirty politics and corruption to fester within Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) when Paul Jadin was WEDC director and Manny Perez was DWD secretary? The scuttlebutt is that both individuals had sound plans in place and Wisconsin was moving in the right direction under their leadership.

Now that the governor’s failed economic policies were thoroughly vetted by his own party during his failed presidential effort, the time to repair some of the scorched Wisconsin economy policies he put in place comes at a time he is realizing he has no other place to go. So his workforce epiphany is not something he wants to do because it’s the right thing to do, it’s the prudent thing to do to attract much needed funding to pay off his presidential debts as he campaigns to seek his third term as governor.

But Walker’s scorched Wisconsin actions have cost Wisconsin dearly. Our state is hemorrhaging jobs, and in the last two years, Wisconsin has lost over 16,000 jobs, 10,000 after passing Right to Work, according to the NH Labor News. This is indeed a far cry from creating 250,000 jobs. http://nhlabornews.com/2016/01/50635/

Indeed, out of desperation for money to pay debts, Walker is trying to make it look like he sees the light.

Sources at DWD and WEDC state that tens of thousands of jobs could have been created in Walker’s first term and that, during this jobs spurt, innovation and economic development would have been stimulated.

But rather than focus on a vibrant Wisconsin, our governor decided unilaterally to change his promise to the electorate and aimed his entire administration at attacking public employees and the unions.

His shift in policy and campaign pledge caused a shock in all of Wisconsin’s industries (not to mention the overall economic environment i.e. consumption, etc.); no one was prepared for the fallout. Without consideration to the potential economic negative impact on Wisconsin, Walker’s decision hampered WEDC and DWD’s ability to bring workers to work and work to workers.

Delusional ambition & Koch brothers

Walker’s delusional ambition to become a puppet president of the Koch brothers in the White House wasted years of recovery in workforce and economic development for Wisconsin. In doing so, Walker has lost credibility with Republicans outside of Waukesha.

Now Walker says he will seek to be governor for a third term and that Wisconsin should believe anything he says. How can Wisconsin families and businesses trust him or anyone working for him in this administration?

If Gov. Walker sincerely cared to fulfill his promise of generating 250,000 jobs, he would have never implemented ACT 10 and allowed Wisconsin to become a Right to Work state. If the governor truly cared for the people of Wisconsin, he would have never allowed dirty politics and corruption at WEDC and DWD.

Finally, if Walker is serious about workforce development, he should implement at least half the proposals advanced by State Representative Peter Barca, and consult with the people who have actually been successful in workforce development.

He should move to restructure the DWD, replace the Secretary with someone who refuses to just be a figurehead with someone experienced and knowlegable, and clear out the Department of Workforce Development of all the yes people currently appointed there.

Republicans in Wisconsin created this mess. Republicans in Wisconsin need to replicate what Republicans across the nation did so clearly: see Walker for what he is and reject him!

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