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We need you at the Capitol!

For too long, public safety in Wisconsin has been put at risk by extreme legislators, who refuse to listen to facts, refuse to listen to victims’ families and refuse to listen to the majority of their constituents.

No more. On Monday April 24, the Madison WAVE Action-Team is joining with a coalition of organizations and elected officials at the State Capitol to demand action on gun violence.

But this won’t work without you . We need to have as many WAVE supporters as possible at the Capitol, to create a powerful and visible show of support.

At the press conference, gun violence prevention champions in the legislature will announce a new effort to pass background checks on all gun sales.

You and I know that closing the loopholes in our background check system is one of the most important things we can do prevent gun violence and saves lives. But, year after year, extremist legislators have chosen to side with the NRA over the people of Wisconsin. That needs to stop.

Click here to say you will join us and take a stand for a safer Wisconsin.

I hope to see you at the Capitol!

John Cioci
WAVE Madison Action-Team

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