Weekend Readings: A new president with an extremist legacy

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Donald Trump’s narrow defeat of Hillary Clinton stunned Americans and the world.

Latinos, African Americans, Muslims, immigrants, women and others who had felt disparaged or demonized by Trump’s campaign reacted with anxiety and fear. Across the country, in schools and on the streets, reports of hate incidents have already begun to spike.

This week, we’re looking back at Trump’s legacy of hate and extremism. As SPLC President Richard Cohen tells us,

“White supremacists who backed his candidacy are jumping for joy. They think they now have their man in the White House. … We can’t afford to take [their] statements as the ravings of extremists on the fringes of society. They are now at the gates.”

As Trump begins to name his transition team, a pivot from his earlier positions seems unlikely. “In his campaign for the presidency, Trump was frequently lambasted for his associations with extremists,” writes SPLC Senior Fellow Mark Potok. “Now Trump is the president-elect. And things don’t look much different.”

We’re redoubling our efforts to fight hate. We’ve already provided teachers with resources to help them heal the scars the campaign has left on their students. And we’ve alerted the country to the reaction of white supremacists to Trump’s victory.

What’s more, we’re encouraging people, after contacting law enforcement, to report incidents of racist harassment here. And we’re calling on Trump, as Richard Cohen wrote, “to make absolutely clear to the extremists who flocked to his candidacy and found in him a voice for their bigotry that neither their ideas nor anyone affiliated with them will have any influence or voice in his administration.”

Tomorrow, and every day in the future, we’ll fight for the rights of the most vulnerable people in America – those victimized by bigotry and discrimination. We are grateful, as always, for your support.

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