We’re doing the GOP’s job… because they won’t.

We’re holding a public hearing for the $15 minimum wage bill, because the state Republicans won’t.

Despite the GOP refusing to give the bill a hearing, there are elected officials who want to hear from the public about why Wisconsin needs a $15 minimum wage. A panel of legislators from multiple levels -from Dane & Milwaukee County Board Supervisors to State Senators- will be taking your testimony on why Wisconsin needs $15.

Join us on Tuesday, October 6 for the People’s Wage Board!

Where: Hephatha Lutheran Church, 1720 W Locust St, Milwaukee
Date: Tuesday, October 6
Time: 6pm

Click here to RSVP

Five months ago, Representative Melissa Sargent introduced a bill in Madison that would raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. The measure quickly garnered support from state Democrats, but Republicans are refusing to give it a public hearing. Wisconsin can’t wait. That’s why we’re holding one of our own.

Your voice matters. By using the strength of our community to demand action and hold electeds accountable, we can make Wisconsin a place where everyone has the means, respect, and freedom to live, work, and raise families with dignity.

Don’t miss this event.

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