Wisconsin Working Family Party is NOT against corporate Democrats

By Chris Johnson, of KINGFISHmke

October 11, 2015

Recently, Friends of Chris Larson (D), the campaign committee for Chris Larson for State Senate, distributed an e-mail asking the question, “Should Chris Run?” referring to a campaign run for Milwaukee County Executive in 2016. The e-mail message was sent by former democratic State Senator Sandy Pasch, who is listed as the Treasurer of that campaign committee, a position that was once held by Milwaukee County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb. In that e-mail, the question is asked, “Would you stand with him in a run for Milwaukee County Executive?”

In the past, Wisconsin Working Family Party (WWFP) State Director, Milwaukee County Sup. Marina Dimitrijevic, has stated that WWFP will challenge current Democratic Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele. The Executive Director has, on numerous occasions, stated that the WWFP is going to run candidates against “corporate Democrats,” often referring to Chris Abele.

State Sen. Chris Larson said in an article that the WWFP would be “an ally in the fight for progressive values.” Read the article here.

It quickly became clear that the WWFP was going to run Chris Larson as a WWFP candidate for Milwaukee County Executive in 2016.

Here is where the hypocrisy begins. Chris Larson speaks like a progressive when he condemns corporate welfare, yet votes like a “corporate Democrat.”

In fact, Chris Larson voted for the new Milwaukee Bucks owners to get Gov. Scott Walker’s budgeted $250 million in public taxpayer funds to the New York billionaire owners. It sounds like Chris Larson supports giving corporate welfare, not very progressive!

So will WWFP support State Senator Nikiya Harris (D)? Recently, Sen. Harris had a fundraiser sponsored by corporate conglomerates Time Warner Cable and Northwestern Mutual along with Koch brother’s Americans For Prosperity supporter Thad Nation of Nation Consulting. Milwaukee County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb was listed on the invitation as Special Guest. See the actual invitation h???ere. Does that sound progressive to you?

When State Assemblyman David Bowen (D) voted against giving corporate welfare to the billionaire Milwaukee Bucks owners, a truly progressive stance to take, he was threatened by leaders of his own Democratic Party and WWFP supporters with political retaliation add link to story?.

Marina Dimitrijevic is quoted on the WWFP website as saying, “We’ll recruit, train and elect progressive champions.”  It does not look like it thus far.

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