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Wisconsinites: Save the Children

By Jennifer Epps-Addison

Executive Director, Wisconsin Jobs Now

Wisconsin’s public schools are the bedrock of our communities — and right now they’re facing a calculated and well-financed effort to siphon away resources and redirect taxpayer dollars to private voucher and charter schools.

Gov. Scott Walker has slashed millions of dollars from the state education budget, resulting in cuts to art, music, physical education, and library, fewer school nurses, teachers’ aides, security officers and more. As the war on public education heats up, we need to send a clear message to elected leaders that we support public education.

That’s why Wisconsin Jobs Now is joining with Schools & Communities United to speak out in support of Wisconsin’s public schools. Parents, educators and community members have the power to shape the future of public education in our state.

It starts with your voice — can you take this survey to let us know what you think are the biggest challenges facing public education?

We’ll release the results to elected leaders and the media later this year, so that they can hear directly from voters about what our schools need most.

Wisconsin’s public schools are facing record retirements, larger class sizes, fewer planning periods for teachers and staff, and increasing interference from politicians in Madison. Let’s put a stop to that by coming together.

Please take the survey on how we can improve Wisconsin schools.

Thank you

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