Wisconsin’s Corporate Exodus

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 14, 2016

Scott Walker’s ‘college affordability’ plan a joke, maintains blogger at

Walker’s administration wasted four years of Wisconsin’s ability to strengthen the state’s ability to develop the technical workforce by cutting the budgets of our technical schools. Now, the private sector is leaving Wisconsin because corporations do not have a skilled workforce needed to ensure private sector ability to compete in the global economy.

Walker also wasted four years of potential innovation in the private sector by improperly implementing non-targeted tax credits, and allowing corruption and dirty politics at Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and Department of Workforce Development (DWD). Further, Walker wasted four years of lost consumption by effectively giving all state workers a pay cut though ACT 10.

Because of Walker’s failed economic policies and failed presidential aspirations, Wisconsin’s competitive edge has been negatively impacted, which is contributing to Wisconsin’s corporate exodus.

Walker’s policies have also led to a total disregard for his administration as evidenced by the recent departure of companies like Oscar Meyer and GE Healthcare, among others. http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20160111/BLOGS02/160119985/chicago-snares-another-corporate-hq

Walker himself continues to demonstrate how easily he’s willing to blame everyone else for the failures of his administration:

In addition, Walker continues to use secrecy to run the state. For example, no one will say what happened to text messages related to loans that WEDC issued to companies such as BCI under former Secretary of the Department of Administration, Mike Huebsch.

There is a growing disrespect for Walker’s administration and it’s being demonstrated by corporate CEOs towards his Department of Workforce Development team, caught off guard by the recent announcement that GE Healthcare is leaving Wisconsin for Chicago.

The Walker administration’s response? GE Healthcare executives did not call Walker’s WEDC people. Really!

Here’s an idea…it should not be that GE Healthcare has to call Walker’s administration, but that the Governor and WEDC should have had ongoing communication with executives of GE Healthcare to be in the corporate loop. It is the governor’s arrogance and WEDC’s to think that Wisconsin’s industries should call them.

The issue here is that WEDC, under this governor, has lost the trust and credibility of the corporate community, which refuses to talk with WEDC or DWD. Why? No one wants to be asked for donations to help pay for Walker’s more than $1 million presidential campaign debt and reimbursing Wisconsin for the rest of his transportation costs that Wisconsin taxpayers paid for while he was campaigning for president.

Is Wisconsin going to allow Walker to continue his shenanigans? It’s time for a second recall.

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