Wisconsin’s Economy Damaged Because of Governor Scott Walker

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal
January 17, 2016

This past year Governor Scott Walker used the power of the governor’s office to enact policies negatively impacting Wisconsin’s working families. His actions not only have caused hardship on families, they have hurt Wisconsin’s ability to produce a competitive workforce and lead the nation in innovation.

Walker’s massive $250 million budget cut from the University of Wisconsin and the decimation of K-12 public schools funding is another factor, in part, contributing to the exodus of corporations from Wisconsin.

Walker’s actions seem to show a blatant disregard for Wisconsin’s economic future. Walker dismissed State Superintendent of Schools Tony Evers’ public call to Walker to veto more than 20 education measures he supported that would undermine the state’s public schools.

Going along with his own plans he laid out for Wisconsin, Walker saw to it that the majority of public school districts in Wisconsin received less funding, and he left school districts at the mercy of inflation by not providing state cost of living support to school districts.

After signing off on his destructive budget for Wisconsin, Walker then proceeded to run for President of the United States, only to fail and return to Wisconsin in debt to administer over a crumbling Wisconsin economy and infrastructure.

Walker’s actions against public education have hurt Wisconsin’s future ability to develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure to support economic development and human well-being.

His actions have further hurt the notion of promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization that would significantly raise Wisconsin’s employment and economic standing.

Because Walker took money out of the University of Wisconsin, small-scale industrial and other enterprises will look at Wisconsin and come to the conclusion that our state’s ability to produce innovation has been hampered. Because of this, our state’s infrastructure and our ability to retrofit industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes will lag behind other states.

Walker’s actions impact negatively our state’s efforts to enhance scientific research, upgrade the technological capabilities of Wisconsin industries that encourage innovation and substantially increase research and development in public and private sectors.

Indeed, Walker’s lack of support for domestic technology development, research and innovation is greatly impacting whether companies move out, stay or move into Wisconsin.

Walker has failed to advance equal opportunity and economic empowerment for Wisconsin’s communities. His policies have hurt our economy and restricted growth. Divesting the public education, infrastructure and scientific and technological research that create innovation and more good jobs and new wealth for us all has derailed Wisconsin’s economic growth for years to come.

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