By William Rivers Pitt, Columnist and Editor: truthout

Very slowly, very quietly, the Trump administration has been barricading itself behind ever-growing walls of secrecy and deceit. Trump himself has not given a real press conference since February, the State Department has dramatically slashed its press availability, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer spent eight straight days refusing to let reporters record his press statements via audio or video. When administration strategist Steve Bannon was pressed on why this was happening, he replied, “Sean got fatter.” No other explanations were forthcoming.

Axiom: You only hide when you have something to hide. Maybe it’s the Russia investigations, maybe it’s this nefariously nebulous GOP health care bill being brewed in the Senate, or maybe it’s an administration-wide realization that Trump cannot be turned loose without defenestrating the nation’s reputation and standing. Whatever the reason, these people are in full duck-and-cover mode, and this level of secrecy is battery acid to any functioning democracy. It must not be allowed to stand.

Russia is only an accent in the symphony of bedlam this administration has unleashed. Health care, taxes, the budget, climate change, police violence, mass incarceration, Syria, Yemen, North Korea … our house is on fire, and the people charged with dousing the flames are hiding under the hoses.

They will not hide from us; we won’t let them. We will run these stories to ground no matter where they take us. But we need your help to make it happen.

PeaceOfMind urges you to:

Demand in writing and phone calls that your legislators Come out of the closet with healthcare intentions, revelations about ties to Russia, voter suppression — everything they seem to push that obstructs American Democracy, you, me, all of us who don’t have a bank account capable of withstanding one or more catastrophic events.

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