You Can Still Be Part of the Wave of Emails to Congress

This month, representatives of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and public transit systems from across the nation converged on Capitol Hill to discuss the need for more investment in public transportation infrastructure.

It was exciting to see so many members of Congress not only receptive to our message but enthusiastic about championing public transportation in Washington. But their message back to us was clear—the rest of Congress needs to hear from YOU, the voters, if we are going to effect real change.

Our meetings with Congress were underscored by the more than 5,000 emails that members of Voices for Public Transit sent in only two days! We are grateful for such a tremendous response. Now we need to keep the momentum going so Congress really does what it takes to establish public transportation as a cornerstone of our nation’s transportation strategy going forward.

Even though our legislative conference is over, you can still make your voice heard:


Thanks to you, Congress knows public transportation matters to Americans throughout the country. For every one person who meets with or emails their members of Congress, there are thousands who depend on public transportation every day. As more voices are raised, Congress will be even more likely to listen—and act.

In the coming months, Congress will be shaping the next transportation bill. We are encouraging them to invest in public transportation. Our public transit systems need to be improved, expanded, and transformed to meet the needs of our nation’s growing population for decades to come.

Thank you for being a Voice for Public Transit. I hope you will write Congress today if you haven’t already done so. And stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to come as we work together in the weeks and months ahead.

Warmest regards,
Rose Sheridan
Voices for Public Transit Community Leader

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