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PeaceOfMind: YourChauffeurIsWaiting

Battleground Wisconsin Podcast: Your Chauffeur is Waiting

This week the panel digs into the latest scathing audit of WEDC, Governor Walker’s failed jobs agency. The audit finds that WEDC cannot even track the number of jobs it allegedly created, has over $11 million in delinquent loans, and to top it all off spent over $41,000 on chauffeurs. The panel also discussed the new GOP anti-riot bill, the apparent appointment of extreme right-wing Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark to the Department of Homeland Security, and the shocking bad week for Trump. Finally, the panel discusses the state of the health care debate, including Walker’s waiver which would impose forced drug testing for BadgerCare, and the U.S. Senate health care repeal process where Sen. Ron Johnson has joined the working group.
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