The pages on this site are WikiWikiWeb pages, which means that pages can be created and edited by multiple authors. To edit a page, click the Edit Page link that exists somewhere on the page (usually in the header or footer). Some pages may be password-protected, depending on how others have configured the security on the system, but many WikiWikiWeb systems allow open editing of all pages.

The rules for basic page editing are fairly simple—start each line without spaces and put a blank line between paragraphs. You can produce well-laid out pages by learning just five rules.

  1. to make a list (like this one), start each line with # (for an ordered list) or * (for an unordered list)
  2. to make a heading, start a line with one or more ! marks; ! is a heading 1, !! is a heading 2, and so on
  3. to emphasise text, enclose it in 2 or 3 single quotes; ''text'' for italics or '''text''' for bold
  4. to make a link to another page, enclose it in [[ ... ]]; for example [[basic editing]] would link to this page
  5. to make a link to another site, type its address, such as

There are other text formatting rules if you need more advanced effects.

If you want to experiment with editing a page, try the WikiSandbox. You can edit the WikiSandbox without affecting anything important on this site.

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