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Every Wiki Group can have GroupHeader and GroupFooter pages that contain markup that should be included at the beginning or end of each page within the group. This feature is primarily used for:

  • adding a disclaimer or heading to all of the pages of a group
  • defining custom Wiki Styles that may be used for all pages in a group
  • replacing the default headers and/or footers for pages in a group (using [[noheader]] and [[nofooter]] — see Special Markups)

To create a group header, just create a new page called YourGroup.GroupHeader. Group headers allow Wiki Users? to create groups with custom headers and footers without having to coordinate with a Wiki Administrator. For even more control, Wiki Administrators can do per group customizations as a local customization.

A wiki page within a group can suppress the default GroupHeader or GroupFooter by using the (:nogroupheader:) and (:nogroupfooter:) markups.

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