Page Values
{$Group} - page’s group name as in “PmWiki”
{$DefaultGroup} - default group name as in “Main”
{$Name} - page name as in “MarkupMasterIndex”
{$FullName} - page’s full name as in “PmWiki.MarkupMasterIndex”
{$Version} - PmWiki version as in “pmwiki-2.0.12″
{$Author} - the name of the person currently interacting with the site as in “”
{$LastModified} - date page was edited as in “April 15, 2005″
{$LastModifiedBy} - page’s last editor as in “David A Spitzley”
{$LastModifiedHost} - IP of page’s last editor as in “″
{$Title} - page title (may differ from Name) as in “The Markup Master Index Page”
{$Groupspaced} - spaced group name as in “PmWiki”
{$Namespaced} - spaced page name as in “Markup Master Index”
{$Titlespaced} - title/spaced page name as in “The Markup Master Index Page”
{$AuthId} - current authenticated id

(:include PageName:)
(:include PageName #start#end lines=n:)
(:title text:)
(:keywords word, …:)
(:description text:)
(:comment text:)
(:css .class { properties }:)
(:if (!)cond param:)…
(:redirect PageName:)
(:searchresults group=xxx fmt=yyy list=zzz text:)
(:pagelist group=xxx fmt=yyy list=zzz:)
(:markup:) [=…=]
(:markup:) … (:markupend:)

[[#anchor | link text]]
[[PageName#anchor | link text]]
[[ | link text]]
[[link text ->]]
[[Attach:file with spaces.doc]]

[[page name]]s
[[page (name)]]
[[PageName | link text]]
[[link text -> PageName]]
[[Group.WikiWord]] => Group.WikiWord
[[Group/WikiWord]] => WikiWord

Images"Alt Text"
Attach:image.gif"My Image"
[[page name |]]
[[page name |Attach:image.gif"Alt Text"]]

Link to Image
[["Alt Text"]]
[[Attach:image.gif"My Image"]]

Block markups
* unordered list
# numbered list
:term:definition list
->indented text
-<hanging indent
<space> preformatted text

Inline styles
'''''strong emphasis'''''

---- (horizontal rule)
Blank lines separate paragraphs and generate vertical space
Backslash (\) at end of line joins next line
Multiple backslashes (\\) produce line breaks
[=prevent formatting=]
[@code formatting@]

Simple Tables
||!table caption!||
||left aligned || centered || right aligned||
||span columns||||||
||!cell heading||

(:table (attr...):)
(:cellnr (attr..):)
(:cell (attr...):)

Posting markups
~~~ (three tildes == author’s signature)
~~~~ (four tildes == author’s signature w/date)

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