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From Godsil.TeganDowling
I met Tegan Dowling through the Bay_View_Matters yahoo group and the Bay View Neighborhood Association. Tegan was a co-founder, a member of the interim Board and interim head of the Public Spaces Committee during its first year. I have been astonished at her intellectual powers and gracious handling of people at public meetings. aw shucks, you’re too kind —td%

After reading one of her summaries (of, methinks, the BVNA FAQ), with history and structure of the Bay View Neighborhood Association, I realized that Bay View was gifted with a “new Carol Brill” (Carol Brill became the Executive Director of East Side Housing Action Committee, i.e. ESHAC, after playing the role of reality principle and order from chaos maker).

Tegan is an excellent writer and internet competent. Were you to check out the Bay View Neighborhood Association site at that time, you would begin to understand her reach. I look forward to promoting Tegan as a “just in time knowledge worker” if I am afforded such a privilege. I’m honored —td% — James Godsil


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