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ReclamationSociety2008: ReservoirHillArbor

The glorious hill of Reservoir Park is too steep to plant vegetable crops on.

It is, however, perfect for grapes!

Reclamation Society’s Stephanie Phillips and “Riverwest Currents” editor, Jan Christensen, have designed a grape arbor for the southern facing slope and ceremonial garden for the top of the historic Milwaukee Reservoir at North Avenue between Holton and Humboldt.

Seek Foster Parents for Grape Vines

As you know, the variety of fruit which grows in Wisconsin is very limited. There is no local provider for table grapes, for example. The Reclamation Society wishes to create more avenues for local fruit production, starting with Reservoir Park!

A grape vine must be at least 3 years old before it can produce fruit. The cost of purchasing 50 to 100 plants, plus shipping, will be considerable. We are looking for people to adopt a vine and become foster parents of their vine(s).

Ceremonial Garden

This will serve as a beacon and historical marker for the Reservoir Hill Park, to educate people about the site and educate us as to its purpose and meaning over the years.

Join in This Project!

Send an e-mail to if you would like to become a foster parent or help develop this project.

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