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Reggae in the White House

How long will it be
Before we dance
In the streets

The Reggae in the White House?

Universal Love Music: Irie in the White House

Reggae in the White House!
I hope to be there—
Playing Universal Love Music!

Reggae celebrates
IRIE mind
And ‘Irie’ from the melting pot dialects of Jamaica
means Think Positive—
Positive emotions or feelings,
Celebrating goodness,
Giving encouragement,
Peaceful vibrations.

Is a learned skill
that Scientists say can
“improve our approach to life’s many challenges”.

Reggae in the White House! Thinking Positivity! Irie!

KT Rusch 2009

Bilibosa - The Celebration Song

We’ve been workin’, workin’
We’ve been workin’ cause we want a better way.

And we’re growing, growing
Yea we’re growing, wanna positively change.

And we’re movin’, movin’
Yea we’re movin’ gonna dance and celebrate.
Dance and Celebrate!

Sing! Bilibosa Bilibosa Bilibosa Bilibosa!

We’re dreamin’, dreamin’
Where would we be if you take a dream away?
So we’re dreamin’, dreamin’
We want you, come on! Dream with us today!

Sing Bilibosa Bilibosa Bilibosa Bilibosa!

KT Rusch 2009 And Performed by the Youth of Express Yourself Milwaukee

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