Outline for start of relationship with schools:

1st workshop would be building system
2nd workshop would be starting and maintaining system

If we have very active teacher participation, then it could be that the teachers are building and setting up between and after the workshops. If you would like SWF to come and install and start up the systems, that will be more cost for our time as we will plan several visits. $100 per visit, essentially. Would probably take 2 more visits to help with installing…so $200 total.

Total of services and materials, depending on level of involvement and materials choices, would be $400-$600 in labor costs and $750-$1,500 materials. Total of $1,150-$2,100.

Not written into this estimate are the other resources that SWF brings to the table, including:

- connections with other schools, universities, local non-profits, restaurants, businesses, government officials
- curriculum for implementing aquaponics in the classroom
- new online learning and assessment tools for aquaponics to be launched Fall 2013
- possibilities for more help in vermiculture, composting, gardening, etc. to round out the agricultural activity at the school

Nice newspaper story on aquaponics projects in Waukesha, Wisconsin
we will be inviting to join our expanding web of partners.



Whitney Young
St Ignatius
Community Christian Alternative Academy
Kwame Nkrumah Academy
Betty Shabazz International Charter School
Jackie Robinson Elementary School
Wells Prep Middle School
Phillips Academy High School
Dunbar High School
Center For New Horizons
Enrico Fermi Elementary
Woodlawn Charter
Roseland Community Development Corporation
Lindblom Math and Science Academy
Wendell Phillips Academy
Richards Career Academy


Scooter Foundation
Texas Bufkin Christian Academy
La Causa charter school
Rufus King High School
Bay View Middle and High School
Riverside University High School
Grandview High School
Centro Hispano High School
Fernwood Montessori School
Milwaukee Vincent High School
School for Career and Technical Education
Morse-Marshall High School
Shorewood New Horizons

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