(l) Two Seed Gardens in highly distressed and increasingly renowned 53206

(2) Kohl Farm Communty Gardenn’s 40 acres is 26 acres larger than the next largest communtiy garden in the USA

(3) Bees!

(4) 100 gardeners who could become coaches for beginning urban food gardens in homes and city land

(5) STEM and 4H program and people infrastructure

(6) 50 Acres of rich Milwaukee county land and 40 year experience base for micro farms and beginning farmers

(7) food preservation. The Hunger Task Force uses the Milwaukee County House of Correction kitchen and inmates to process and preserve the harvest from The Hunger Task Force Farm. The preserved food goes to food pantries and is used for the Hunger Task Force’s Stockbox program, which delivers food such as rice, cereal, juice, beef stew, pasta and vegetables to seniors free of charge.

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