Start Up Process

  • Design meetings with core partners
  • Start-up mission, objectives, and plan
  • Introduce to the neighborhood, knocking on doors of over 150 homes

Garden Infrastructure and Offerings

  • 24 raised garden beds
  • free compost, free starter plants, and free gardening tools
  • 2 free gardening and cooking classes
  • First Plantings Ceremony was held with free starter plants,

lessons on planting, and a rhythm music workshop

  • Community potlucks which drew dozens of residents
  • Colorful flowers adorn a rainwater harvesting gazebo
  • Shading benches
  • Local jazz band playing during a harvest festival
  • Lead sampling workshop taught by 16th St Health Center.
  • Neighborhood harvest festival drawing close to 100 people for live

music, a cookout and pumpkin carving.


  • The Zilber Family Foundation’s Journey House

fund a two year Neighborhood Food Systems Initiative pointed to improve the health/ well being of hundreds of South Side residents

land upon which the garden was built, staff to convene a
garden support committee, and financial resources for infrastructure

  • UW-Extension

facilitating community outreach, providing technical expertise in acquiring garden infrastructure, Master Gardeners to teach gardening classes, nutrition educators providing cooking classes, and a food systems coordinator to be a point-person for registering gardeners

  • Milwaukee County

funding to launch the SEED Initiative

  • Clarke Square Neighborhood Association

  • Pete’s Fruit Market

food for potlucks

  • Bean Head Farm

donating starter plants;

  • Victory Garden Initiative

supporting community outreach

  • Clarke Park Neighborhood Nights Out

Media Coverage

Photos and videos:

On June 8th, dozens of first time and well seasoned gardeners gathered to kick off the Clarke Square Community Garden’s growing season. We had a wonderful group of volunteers from UW-Extension Community Gardens & Micro-Farms, Pete’s Fruit Market, Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, and Journey House helping us grill delicious food, instructing gardeners as they planted, and getting residents signed up for garden plots. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!

Metrics, Qualitative and Quantitative

Compelling Facts and Images From Clark Square Venture

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