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Moody Park Seed Garden has 19 garden plots and an impressive amount of cultural, social, and spiritual capital to add to the green dollar capital that pays for staffing an expansive program, the land, and gardening costs.

Providers of the various forms of capital expressions include the

Childrens Outing Association

Brandon Culpepper’s Pepp Nation

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Extension programs;

Amani Neighborhood Assocation

Some Basic Facts From 2016 Pilot Year

53206 citizens served by the 19 plots

12 gardening class(3) attendees

1 Master Gardener weekly oversight

Children’s Outing Association Partnership

Harvest Festival

Sarah Faust Cooking Demonstration

Master Gardener Joanna Beamon tips

Partner COA Youth and Family Center

On Thursday, September 8th, dozens of gardeners and residents gathered to celebrate Moody Park Community Garden’s 2016 growing season with a Harvest Festival. The evening’s festivities include yard games, grilled food, and a cooking demonstration done by Sarah Faust of the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program - Milwaukee County.

Children and residents got to walk through the community garden and take in the bounty of their hard work over the course of the last three months. Wisconsin Master Gardener Program volunteer, Joanna Beamon attended and responded to other gardeners’ questions, helping them better understand the best time to harvest ripe produce. The cooking demonstration showed the residents and gardeners how they can make a deliciously fresh homemade salsa and summer squash slaw with ingredients straight from their garden.

The Harvest Festival was done in partnership between Milwaukee’s COA Youth and Family Center and
Milwaukee County UW-Extension’s The SEED Initiative. Since June 17th when the garden beds were first constructed, the garden has flourished, bringing with it a beautiful place for residents and students to gather and build community.

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