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Dear Tegan,

I would like to invest my first $100 in the Save the Soldiers Home Co Op.

I would like this to be a “targeted investment,” which means I can specificy with whom I would like to partner in the use of that investment.

I would like this $100 to be spent to pay your wage for helping me develop the “Save the Soldiers Home Co-Op Project.”

The first step of the Save the Soldiers Home Co-Op Project would involve your meeting with Cleo Pruitt of Bridgeworks, Sandy Folaron of the Soldiers Home Foundation Board, Jerry Ann Hamilton of the NAACP, either on-line or at the NAACP office on MLK, along with myself and perhaps others, to have a one hour brainstorming session about harnessing the power of the internet to Save the Soldiers Home, help the NAACP Expand the Shores of Opportunity, by sparking social enterprise experiments and projects at the Soldiers Home over the next 10 or 20 years.

  • In labor and creative power involving your fine mind and good heart lending intrernet empowerment to Godsil for this worthy cause.

I would like you to create on on-line site at the Milwaukee Renaissance web garden that beautifully documents what you can accomplish for a good cause with $100 worth of co-op investment.

Here are the concepts to serve as raw material.

I would like to hand you that $100 at the steps of the Soldiers Home.

I would like someone to take a good digital picture of that moment.

It would be nice to get that picure on the project web site.

For starters…

May the Blessing of God rest upon you,
May God’s peace abide with you, and,

 May  the presence of God illuminate your heart now and forevermore,


And perhaps spark the emergence

of a new reason for Milwaukee’s fame.

Milwaukee Citizens Save the Soldiers Home

  • lease space for on-line cultivation of a new American creative class

  • social enterprise experiments

  • harness the power of the internet for

  • artisans

  • artists

  • singers and dancers

  • knowledge workers

  • worthy causes

  • distant learning

  • ending the digital divide

  • racial reconciliation

  • nonviolent confliect resolution

  • historic preservation

  • smart and sustained growth & development

  • new urbanism

  • veterans, fraternal, auto-insured civil society associations

  • non violent conflict resolution

  • family therapy and adaptations

  • wholistic health

  • nanotechnology

  • mechanical and electrical engineering

  • consilient learning and research projects (E.O. Wilson)

  • new journalism

  • New American Aid Societies

  • GLBT Community

  • Veterans Support Organizations

  • New Technologies

  • Citizenship Training and Support

  • web and blog development for small business and social enterprise

  • Great Issues Series

  • art, music, theatre shops and storage

  • Co Op Movement Support

  • Social Enterprise and Small Business Development and Support

The Historic Soldiers Home “Saved” could provide an “Athenian” aspect to serve as “equipoise” to the likely “Spartan” inclined American Freedom Center.

The Athenian and Spartan aspect of Milwaukee can be mediated by visions like the Declration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the major literary and philosophical narratives of each generation, founding documents of major institutions and associations of American Civil Society, speeches from American greats of all relevant “identity groups,” and so forth. The embodiments of our new
nation will be cooperative created, ritualistically inaugerated, and reverentially maintained and enjoyed.


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