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March 22, 2005

The Freedom Story at the Freedom Center at the Soldiers Home

Dear Jim,

What a great piece of news!

It would be my honor to connect you with people from various “freedom movements” of the past 40 years to help construct this great story.

This is very critical to our work in inspiring the citizens of Milwaukee to approve the money it will take to purchase the land that will house the American Freedom Center.

I would think it worthwhile to be proactive about some assuming the Freedom Center will “glorify war.”

This would help us inspire the citizens to realize that the Soldiers Home and Freedom Center will become places to “teach peace” and foster reconciliation.

The Soldiers Home is destined to become a National Spiritual Monument where much healing from “wars internal” and “wars external” can occur.

It is my pleasure and honor to contribute to this worthy cause with you and yours.

God bless,

James J. Godsil

At 08:54 AM 3/21/2005, you wrote:
Jim, nothing is impossible, It’s only limited by our imagination. We are
working on creating a Freedom Story to add to our original Freedom Center
project.Anything is possible. We would like to be in the discussions on this
project. Thanks for thinking of us. Regards, Jim Bunce

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Subject: American Freedom Center Milwaukee Soldiers Home NAACP Nobel
Peace Prize 2011

Dear Jerry Ann, Sandy, Cleo, Pat, Jim, Lilllian, and Michael,

Is it absolutely insane to imagine to visionary collaboration between the
Soldiers Home Movement of Milwaukee, the American Freedom Center, and the
NAACP, around the theme of “A Rebirth of Freedom,” such that a Nobel Peace
Prize would be won by the year 2011?


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