Special Needs Vouchers: Share Your Concerns with Gov. Walker Now

Advocate for Quality Education Choices for Students with Disabilities

Gov. Walker will introduce his 2013–2015 State Budget on Feb. 20. Contact the Governor now and advocate for a state budget that does not include special needs vouchers/scholarships for students with disabilities!

Special needs vouchers could negatively affect students with disabilities and harm small Wisconsin school districts. If special needs vouchers are included in the state budget, families and education experts will not have an opportunity to provide adequate input.

If students with disabilities use vouchers to attend a private school, their rights and access to special education services such as instruction, special education teachers, therapies, and technology are not guaranteed. Also, laws to protect students, like seclusion and restraint, do not apply in private schools.

If special needs vouchers are passed, students who remain in public schools will have less support. Special needs vouchers take funding away from public schools, creating hardship for local districts. Other states with special needs vouchers have seen fraud and double-dipping by for-profit programs that do not provide quality instruction. To learn more about concerns surrounding special needs vouchers, check out this fact sheet.

The special needs vouchers issue is too complicated to be included in the Governorís budget without adequate public input. Email the Governor with your concerns using this Take Action tool.

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