4th Annual St. Patrick’s Day
All-City Gathering of Activists & Culture Workers
FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 2006, 5:30–9:30PM
Club Timbuktu
520 E. Center (& Booth)

Pictures and Reflections on St Pat’s at Timbuktu 2006

Towards a Photo Essay of Timbuktu

Speakers and Performers Signed On Already

You are invited to the 4th Annual St. Patrick’s Day
Gathering of Activists & Rainbow Culture Workers. This is an
opportunity to talk about your work within Milwaukee’s
social, creative, and community arenas. Tell us about your
bright ideas, your successes in 2005, or what’s up for
2006. Would you believe that worms are on the horizon for
the Pabst Brewery complex??

Each speaker gets 3–5 minutes. When you arrive at Club
Timbuktu there will be a SIGN UP SHEET and folks will speak
more or less in that order. If you need a specific time,
please let us know. In order to allow everyone time on the
soapbox, please try to honor the 3 to 5 minute time limit.

This sparkling evening will include a food buffet (price to
be determined) and a cash bar, with entertainment sprinkled
in between groups of speakers. Stay for reggae & dancin’
with DJ Daudi afterwards. We hope to keep it fluid,
flexible, and flowing. The wearin’ o’ the green is
encouraged since everyone’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day! Open
to the public so bring your friends and family.

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: Email Godsil@milwaukeerenaissance.com

~~ James Godsil -Old Black-Irish-American
~~ Tess R
~~ Omar Gagale & Youssouf Komara - Club Timbuktu owners -
Where even Africans are Irish on St. Patty’s Day!

Sample Letters

Here’s how last year’s event looked:


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