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Subject: [bay_view_matters] thanks Godsil

Last night James Godsil happily presided over a St. Patrick Day party at Timbuktu. The event was an all-city gathering of activists. We heard from a couple of dozen organizations, what they are doing, etc. We had music, poetry, and sura faraj performed two flag dances. I was honored by the
attention given to one of my writing efforts. I hope for all who attended it was a shot in the arm, a stimulant to work hard to make our city what it can be.

We have a visionary in our midst, and while sometimes I, too, get lost in this man’s details, Godsil is not just a talker; he brings people together, a skill I find myself wanting in most respects. Thanks, James.


Godsil’s response: My efforts are merely a mirror of the spirit of great souls like Bill Sell and the fine citizens of our fair city.

It was amazing to be in the company of so many incredible people. I felt empowered, engaged and unbelievaly inspired! It is important for us, the people who believe in the power of an individual and the necessity of a cause, to find moments such as this one to share. They remind us that there is hope, beauty and possibility in this life and world. Thank you, Godsil and Tess, for bringing us together!

Tina Owen, The Alliance School

Harvey Taylor
March 20, 2005, at 07:29 AM

The St Paddy’s Day gathering at Timbuktu was another instance for me of feeling as if we’re all sent into this world on ‘missions,’ the first part of which is to learn the skills we need in order to carry them out, and the second part, (overlapping with the 1st), connecting with others on ‘similar missions,’ so we can help each other accomplish our ‘assignments.’ My sense is that the networking is accelerating rapidly, and that many people are coming together in many ways, to contribute to an awakening… I’d also like to mention that I had a great time (as usual, at Timbuktu), soaking up the ‘edutainment’ (Mathi’s poetic coinage) —

THANKS,Omar/Yousef/Tess/Godsil/Mathi/Dena/George/Barbara/James/Peter/Bill et all!

I’m reminded of a wonderful quote from Sun Ra, the visionary jazz musician/composer/bandleader: “We are a gift from the Ancestors to the Future…”

I have not enjoyed myself more this year than at the St. Pat’s gathering at Timbuktu. To see the diversity of people contributing to Milwaukee was wonderful. And it seems like Riverwest is always the best place to hold these gatherings. What a hood!!

Jill Florence Lackey
Urban Anthropology Inc.

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