St. Pat’s 2006

What a glorious event! I was proud to be invited to participate — and equally proud to be a citizen of Milwaukee. It was a conclave of all that is good in our fair city… for those few hours at Timbuktu, there was no black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor — just PEOPLE, celebrating the accomplishments of the past year, and looking with hope towards the future. Bravo!!
Patrick Schley March 19, 2006

Tess R, Holly Haebig, and
Jeff Bray, followed by
Dave Blessun, KT Rusch, and
Youssouf Komara pause from

preparing Timbuktu for
St. Pat’s magic.

A great time was had by all!
The Merry Band made the music.

Timbuktu’s Angela, Artur, and Artemio
Served the people.

Barb Wesson’s Nia Demo started
The evening with bodies in motion
To world music.
“It was just great for us. We would sincerely love to open every year for this incredible event.?”

Michael Pettit spoke of puppets
Parading in our parks and streets.

Tina Owen and Jennifer Morales
Arrived to speak of educating
Our beautiful children.

Inspiring divas Robin Pleur and
Dena Aronson

Holly, James, and Young Singer

Patrick Schley and Laura Elleseg
Came to talk about inspiring
High school students to become

Sheri, Daughter, and Barb of Core El Centro’s Nia Demo

Peace Movement Leader George Martin Led a Spellbinding African-American Calling on Our Ancestors

Lots of Music and Dancing in between Soap Box Moments

Queen Tess and Brother John Reiss, MATC Culinary Arts Chef

Mary Ann Ihm, Well Spring Founder and Partner in Pabst Eco-Village Proposal

Olde Godsil Floats Concept of an Emerging Great Lakes Culture, with Toronto as Right brain, Milwaukee as left

Dena Aronson, KT Rusch, and Dave Blessum of the Merry Band

Mathibela Sebothoma Brought Forth Powerful Spirits with His South African Inspired Poetry

Shea and Leslie of Cream City Collective, advancing the concept of mutual aid
and worker coops

Queen Tess Was Masterful as Mistress of Ceremonies and Photographer

Holly Haebig

What pleasure, to be a part of such a refreshing and invigorating event…we all needed it, and more of it!!! Glad to hear others feel the same about that! I’m very interested in being a part of future events…it’s what I live for.

KT Rusch

I was so honored to make music at this historic community event!
The Merry Band rocked the village! We had a great time playing. I loved hearing and
learning about the speakers. We are truly One River :) Beautiful!

St. Pat’s Timbuktu Soapbox Orators 2006

Timbuktu is a meeting place
For all of God’s Milwaukee children.

Jonathan Parrish-Spence made lovely music with his violin, a joy to parents, Sheila and Joseph,and all the rest of us.

June Eastvold Joyfully Dancing at Timbuktu

Ruth Weill brought the Green Party visions to Timbuktu.

Robert Miranda is a powerful voice for Milwaukee’s Latino communities.

Bio Sketch of Robert Miranda

Nia Dancers

Suzanne Rosenblatt is an artist and poet making marks in urban environmental protection.

Photo by Edith Brin

Here’s a poem Suzanne presented

Piggy-Backers’ Cutbacks

For some of Suzanne and family’s art work, go to:

Barbara Leigh, long time performer and satirist makes music out of disability.

She faces every situation with a comic mind.

The following pictures come from Queen Tess. I am going to quickly upload them and hope
people will add identification and prose/poetry, either by editing this page themselves, or sending me their offering.

James Carlson, Founder of Bucketworks, Presents Poem on Colors

Dancing Baby

Vince Bushell, People’s Mayor of Riverwest

Happy Crowd

Jennifer Morales, School Board Leader

Noah Reiss, John Reiss & Robin Pluer

Dr. Jill Florence Lackey Presenting Urban Anthropology Visions, along with Rick Petrie and Scott Hammon

Eric Griswold of Burning SNOW Center for Experimental Arts

Some of the Audience Focused Intensely on the Speakers.

Charlie Koenen of Critical Mass Movie Series, Movies That Matter

Sura Faraj’s Glorious Flag Dancer

Bill Sell, Straight Man Speaking on Gays and Lesbians

Youssouf Komara, Co-Owner of Timbuktu along with Omar Gagale, Concludes a Spectacular Evening for All

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