Pictures and notes from the 5th Annual St Pat’s at Timbuktu, 2007

What a wonderful time that was! Thanks to everybody who attended, everybody who helped with the planning, everybody who performed, and most especially everybody who worked so hard to make this a triumph!

If you have more pictures to add, please do so, or contact Olde Godsil for help.

Omar Gagale of Timbuktu
With Peace Action’s George Martin

The Evening Begins With
the Nia Dancers

A New World Civilization
Must Have Dance!

And Poet Musicians Like Holly Haebig
and Harvey Taylor

And Organic Arts Troubador David Drake

Publisher Writer Activist
Sura Faraj Emcee Extraordinaire

First 2 Minute Soap Box Orator
Nicole Penick’s “Universe Walk”

Co-Founder Milwaukee Public Theatre
Barbara Leigh

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Sura’s Flag Dance!

George Martin Invokes Our Ancestors

The Merry Band!

The Merry Band Rocked the House!

Holly Haebig’s “Crowd Control”
Magic Proved Unnecessary

Nia Dancers Stop to Pose

Viva! “Currents” Publisher Revered
Young Elder Vince Bushell

Olde Learning How To Share Heavenly Food
With Wiki Gnome Tegan Dowling

Ken Leinbach and Ann Brummitt

88Nine Radio Milwaukee at Timbuktu!

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