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  1. Nominated 2014

You have been nominated as a revered Riverwest “elder young.” I wanted to check in with you before you are so identified in a time capsule in Muneer’s Peace Post. Event at Timbuktu 3 to 5 this Sunday. http://www.milwaukeerenaissance.com/StPatsAtTimbuktu/RiverwestElders

Nominated 2014

Gil Poker
Severa Drost
Carmen Ciofani
Florence Poker
Max Sherbarth
Sue Suminski
Josef Bieniek
John Lindquist
Harvey Taylor
Lorraine Jacobs
Lucy Krajna
Spike Bandy
Sandra Hayes
Leo Martinez
George Morales
Matt Labord
Suzy Krause
Karen Royster
Walt Kelly
Dawn Powell
Andre Lee Ellis
Marty Horning
Jeff Poniewaz
Mark Lawson
John Ruebartsch
Gary Tuma
Tess Reiss
Vince Bushell
Jan Christensen
Claire Lewis
Mother Clara Atwater
Steve Chonocki
Dr. Theresa Anne Kenney
Paula Gelbke
Sky Schultz
George Martin
Julie Enslow
Amy Weisbrot
Paul Seifert
Larraine McNamara McGraw
Will McGraw
Nancy Hedman
Carl Hedman
Della Wells
Dana Cable
Franklyn Berry
Omar Gagale
Jeff Eagan
Carol Brill
Rick Petrie
Barbara Notestein
Dorothy Dean
Willis & Lillian Leenhauts
Robin Leenhauts
Nancy Lurie
Big Ray
Barbara Minor
Bob Peterson
Pat Small
Larry Woytek
George Sanders
Michael Moynihan
Karen Kolberg
Barbara Leigh
Dr. Jill Florence Lackey

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